Jaonang Tharua (TH)

Calling Name: Jenna

Date of Birth: 24 June 2004

Dermoid Sinus free

Pedigree: Pedigree Database trdclub.net

Jenna was our second pup from Thailand. She came in august, which is a good period for a dog with such short hair from a tropical country. Jenna had, when she arrived become very skinny, but gained back her weight within days. From day one she was a cheerful, happy little girl with an outgoing personality and she was so very quick!

Jenna had the original type of personality, which meant she could be rather difficult towards other dogs. She had little patience with dogs she did not know. So when Indie came into our lives, she attacked him the first day. After that she was on a leash in the house for a few days, until she accepted him. At some point they were standing nose to nose with wagging tales. After I released her they played a lot, until Indie became a real adult dog. They did not play anymore. They loved each other and had to greet each other when I had been away with one of them.

Shortly after Jenna turned 9 years old we had to let her go. She had always had a bit difficult skin. what resulted in tumors. We would have loved to have had her a bit longer...